Current projects

OLD projects


  1. Programming BDI agents with AgentSpeak.

  2. Developed by a collaboration between Rafael Bordini (University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil) and Jomi Hübner (University of Santa Catarina, Brazil). The project is developing an interpreter and platform for an agent-oriented programming language called Jason.


  1. Organisational model for MAS.

  2. Developed in a collaboration of EMS Mines of Saint Etienne (France), University of São Paulo (Brazil), and University of Santa Catarina (Brazil). The objective is to develop an organisational model that allows the description of several dimensions of the organisation of a multiagent system, e.g., structure,  functioning, norms, and context.


  1. Multi-Agent Programming Framework.

  2. JaCaMo is a framework for Multi-Agent Programming that combines three separate technologies (Jason, Cartago, and Moise), each of them being well-known on its own and developed for a number of years so they are fairly robust and fully-fledged.



  1. Reputation and trust model for MAS.

  2. Developed by Institut de Recherche en  Informatique de Toulouse (France), EMS Mines of Saint Etienne (France), and Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies (Italy). The objective is to formalise and implement the reputation model proposed by Castelfranchi et al. in the context of security systems.